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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"cursed" woman killed by her family in NZ

The photo above of 22 year old Janet Moses is the only one circulating the news. She doesn't LOOK posessed by demons. But then, what do I know about demons? I'm an atheist.

Here's a story you don't hear every day. What's interesting to me is that the nine family members on trial for killing her (basically, she was tortured) have been granted temporary name supression. They'll lift it tomorrow for most of them except the ones accused of nearly blinding a 14 year old girl also present and thought posessed. I can't find a single news article that explains WHY they get name supression. Probably due to "cultural respect" or some such BS. This is a HORRIBLE CRIME, it's pretty clear what happened, so WHYgive name supression? And here's the other interesting, and tragic, thing- she was a mother of two.

Here's the current story, below, from the nzherald.co.nz

10:44AM Tuesday May 05, 2009
Name suppression will be lifted tomorrow for the Lower Hutt family charged over the death of a young woman during an alleged makutu, or curse-lifting ceremony.
Six women and three men have pleaded not guilty in the High Court at Wellington to the manslaughter of 22-year-old Janet Moses.
One of the accused and another man have also denied ill-treating a 14-year-old girl, causing her unnecessary harm.
The 10 accused applied to Justice Simon France yesterday for continued name suppression.
But Justice France announced this morning that name suppression would be lifted at midday tomorrow for those charged with manslaughter.
Those charged with ill-treatment would continue to have their names suppressed.
Crown prosecutor Kate Feltham, in her opening address to the jury of five men and seven women yesterday, said Ms Moses drowned during an apparent cleansing ceremony or makutu at her grandparents' home in Wainuiomata in October 2007.
The family believed Ms Moses was possessed, Ms Feltham said.
During the ceremony, which lasted several days, Ms Moses was restrained, while family members formed a circle around her, poured water into her eyes and down her throat.
A post mortem found that Ms Moses died from drowning.
On behalf of the 10 accused and their lawyers, defence lawyer Mike Antunovic said the family believed they were trying to help Ms Moses.
The family believed Ms Moses was actually possessed, Mr Antunovic said.
None of the accused were acting with any criminal intent, he said.
The trial is set down for four to six weeks.
What do you think of my bruise? It's a couple days old now. Still very painful. There are two of them, see below.There's another on my elbow, but that wasn't going to fit neatly in the picture. I fell on the steps to from the garage, and landed on my back (obviously). The steps were wet with rain. It really, really hurt, and it still hurts. I am grateful, however, that I didn't break any bones, or hit my head. It didn't even merit any time off work, damn it.
If you're wondering where my waist went, I will remind you that I like good food, and I think my cooking is good. Tonight I made a big pan of ratatouille, then two loaves of feijoa loaf. I checked the US customs website, and they will allow me to bring baked goods and preserves into the country, so I'll bring some when we return for a visit to the midwest at the end of this month.