“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.” Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am a bad blogger.

I haven't updated the blog in at least a month, and I think this is the sort of thing that I should do twice a month. Part of the problem is that I work at a computer for my job all day, so I really don't want to spend more time at it in my free time. The other part is that I've been busy and sometimes lazy. We're all aware of how much I like watching movies and spending time with my adorable pets, so that takes time too. And my husband needs looking after as well, so there's not much effort in the blog. It's summer, and so there's a multitude of reasons to not be inside.
I have tons of cherry tomatoes ripe now. I'm eating them with everything; they are delicious and sweet, and the skin is not too tough like they sometimes can be.
My sister has a lovely Ridgeback pup, Titus, and he has a super temperament. Here his is on their land in Kaiwaka, NZ. Sitting on his arse with his tongue hanging out- cute as!
Below is a picture of my 2 year old Rottie, Ruby, roaming our land. There is not yet a fence separating our land from our neighbor's land, and unknown to us, there were some calves at the far end of this section. Ruby ran off chasing one of the calves, and wouldn't come when called. That was a shocking sight and very frightening. I thought for sure there would be an injured calf or my dog would be kicked in the head or break her back from an angry cow, but she made it back to me alive. I couldn't go get her because angry cows kill people (and dogs). There was no evidence of blood on Ruby's lips, and the cows were consoling each other in a fence corner, apparently uninjured. Of course we wanted to kick her ass when she came back to us, but we couldn't, or she would have been punished for returning to us, which is what we wanted.  I really hope
that fence gets done soon! 
Ruby is at that age where she is mature physically and feels like Master of the Universe. She has become quite independent and unruly, having today stolen an avocado off the kitchen counter, peeled it on the carpet, and eaten most of it, including the pit. A few days ago, she killed one of our laying hens that had bedded down in the yard for the night, having escaped from a hole in the fence of the chicken's yard. Earlier that same day, Ruby left the chickens alone while they roamed the yard and I was in the garden picking cherry tomatoes. But that night, she took the easy opportunity of a sleeping chicken without me around, and I'm very sad we didn't find the hole in the fence sooner.  For my part, I am working on her obedience at my club, Dogsport NZ, and hope to be ready for the BH test in April.  Dogsport NZ is a member of Australian United Sportdog Clubs. The BH is an obedience and temperament test, and I've done a BH with two of my other Rottweilers (Fargo and Bacchus). The rules can be found here. What they call Dogsport here is the same as Schutzhund.
My friend Roberta just had a healthy baby girl on Feb. 9th. On Feb 1st, my friend Ammie and I hosted a baby shower for Roberta. It was pretty chill and we ate some awesome food. My contribution was cheesecake, below. I mixed pink food color into the topping, but forgot that it gets all covered with crust crumbs, so you can't really see the pink. Oh well. The yellow kewpie doll was cute.
Also in February, we went to Nelson for a wedding and sailing. I'll put the photos in my next post, which I promise will be done in LESS than a month!